Fuji-Xerox Network Scanning: Error 027-516

As part of a test for removing legacy protocols from the network I disabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP to see if any system would be adversely affected.

Disabled NetBIOS

After disabling NetBIOS for the server used by our Fuji-Xeros ApeosPort-II 4000 Photocopier, the Network Scanning feature was unable to upload the scanned file to the SMB server. Instead it would return a 027-516 error code.

To verify the problem I Enabled NetBIOS and it immediately started working again.

I contacted Fuji-Xerox to check if they had a fix for the problem. I was advised that this can only be changed in newer versions, ApeosPort >=3, and that is was considered a “Feature”. The only way for an AP-II device to work with a server with NetBIOS disabled is to use the FTP transmit method.

AP-III NetBIOS Setting

After checking on one of our ApeosPort-III C3300, I found the page mentioned that allows the setting to be changed.

It appears that the use of NetBIOS by the APII is hardcoded and although it has DNS settings set, they are ignored for server name resolution. Considering this Photocopier is still being produced and sold I find it interesting that it relies on outdated protocols like NetBIOS. (ApeosPort-II 3000, 4000, 5010, 6000, 7000 are the main black and white photocopiers available to DET NSW Schools)

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