Moodle and Gallery 2.1.2

The Gallery module for Moodle is a very useful addon that allows you to upload images and view them in an easy accessible format.

You can upload a directory structure in a zip file and have it recreate that structure as albums on the server. It can auto-generate thumbnails and supports commenting and ratings.

The two most common problems with this module are users don’t read the README text file specifying that it only supports Gallery 2.1.2 (I missed this first time as well) and that the latest module available from has a bug that causes an endless redirection loop.

I have written a fix for the view.php file in the Gallery mod directory that fixes this problem.

The problem causes a continuous redirection and Firefox reports:

  • Redirection limit for this URL exceeded.
  • Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

Useful Links:

Douglas Dixon has also been working on a module update to support Gallery2 2.2.3 but it is still in development.

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  2. Skip Sorrentino says:

    Thanks for doing these posts. We are new Moodle EDU users. I have tried your method on a new Moodle on OSX Leopard server. Moodle 1.9.2.

    I am getting all the setings to pass inspection & no looping. However all I get after creating a Gallery in Moodle, is a blank page when trying to go to the created gallery.

    If I go in to the Gallery Admin, I can see the albums were created, & the ownership of the Moodle classroom teacher. However from the Moodle side, I can see the hitlinks to the albums, but if I try to click I get a blank page. URL is ending in /view.php?id=115

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


  3. jazmin says:

    hola megustaria retomar este tema sobretodo para saber si tienen una galeria actual ya que estoy buscando una galeria para mi moodle 2.1 y no encuentro una que funcione al 100% ya que lightboxgallery no funciona bien con Internet Explorer 8 o 9 tengo muchos problemas que puedo hacer?
    esperando una pronta respuesta gracias

    • James Rudd says:

      Unfortunately, the Gallery plugin has not received any updates in quite a while and is incompatible with Moodle 2+. As you mentioned there is the Lightbox plugin and this is what I use for images.
      Are you running the latest version of Moodle (2.2) and the latest version of the plugin from GitHub?

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